The CLEAR Consortium met in Barcelona for the third Consortium Meeting


The Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain, was hosting the 3rd Consortium meeting of the CLEAR research project. The whole meeting had been split into two days to guarantee enough time for discussion and breaks for the participants. 

 Day one, September 19, 2023, started with a short welcome by a UAB representative, Prof. Xavier Rambla (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and Prof. Parreira do Amaral (University of Münster). During first day, the emphasis was placed on discussing core management issues, upcoming publication and dissemination activities, as well as ongoing and starting empirical Work Packages. 

Day two, September, 20, 2023, was focusing the upcoming empirical work with young people, as well as the start of the online survey with policy experts. The empirical debates were followed by discussing participatory actions in small workshop groups. 

Parallel to the workshop groups, the members of the External Advisory Board (Prof. Tanja Sturm from the University Halle-Wittenberg and Prof. Lisbeth Lundahl from the Umea University) have met to give feedback on the project’s progress and propose a concentrated focus during the fieldwork. 

In the Closing Session, Prof. Marcelo Parreira do Amaral (Coordination) presented the next steps and thanked all participants for their commitment and productive discussions during the meeting. All project members have highlighted the positive working atmosphere in the project and expressed gratitude to the Coordination and local host. The next Consortium meeting will take place in Vienna, April 4-5, 2024.