CLEAR Life Course

Participation in CLEAR

CLEAR is devoted to use participatory strategies that help to involve different audiences in the research process. In this section we present the numerous understandings and applications of participation in qualitative research, show all project-relevant benefits and drawbacks of these understandings, and deliver a working definition of participation.

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CLEAR Intersectionality

How to participate

In CLEAR we pay a special attention to participatory activities at all research stages and levels. In this section we describe, how young people, policy experts, local and regional practitioners, researchers, and other key educational stakeholders are involved in the research process and Innovation Forums. We also show, how the various participants profit from our ongoing research results, comparative analyses, and exchange of information between the various participating audiences.

CLEAR Spatial Justice

Tools & Resources

CLEAR has integrated participatory activities in the whole research process. In this section we inform, what participatory tools and tool kits have been developed and deployed, what are the main resources we draw from, and how can our methodological approach be applied in the forthcoming research.