Research work

Research work in CLEAR is organised in ten interrelated Work Packages (WPs) which support each other in creating synergy effects and reaching the objectives:

  • WP 1 – Management establishes coordination and administrative management
    This WP coordinates the project’s activities with a view to reach our objectives efficiently, and to keep our objectives relevant regarding the state of the art and the needs of stakeholders. This requires flexibility, effective risk-mitigation, and clear goal-setting. Administrative management is understood as service to the project, to guarantee compliance with requirements of the European Commission and to offer technical and clerical support to all activities.
  • WP 2 – Framework for the Analyses of Learning Outcomes in Europe conceptualises and identifies contextual information for site selection
    This WP establishes a common conceptual, theoretical, and methodological framework to inform the subsequent empirical analyses, define the analytical grid for site selection, and synthesise data from the sites selected.
  • WP 3 – Quantitative Analyses of Learning Outcomes conducts quantitative analysis at NUTS-1 and NUTS-2 levels
    This WP provides descriptive and explorative analyses at national (NUTS-1) and regional (NUTS-2) levels focusing the correlations between LOs, labour market, and socio-economic conditions to develop cross-country and within-country differentiations and to identify clusters of regions and ‘statistical profiles’ of national/regional contexts.
  • WP 4 – Institutional Analysis, Policy Review and Assessment reviews educational policies on skills formation and skills utilization
    This WP reviews educational policies that address low-achievement in basic and digital skills in order to map out processes of skills formation and skills utilization as well as to analyse how the levels of government connect with skills-equilibria at national and regional levels.
  • WP 5 – Qualitative Research with Young People carries out interviews with young people at NUTS-3 level
    This WP conducts narrative biographical interviews with young people (N=160) aged 18-29 years, with multiple disadvantages on both thriving and declining sites at NUTS-3 level in order to attain in-depth information on status of their agency and detect respective connections between structural, institutional, and individual aspects shaping the construction of LOs.
  • WP 6 – Expert Survey on Policy Coordination conducts expert surveys on policy coordination
    This WP designs and runs expert surveys in order to forecast future scenarios of educational disadvantage and assess the multilevel governance and coordination of different policy strands in defining and dealing with regional/national (under)achievement.
  • WP 7 – Comparative Analyses and Reporting conducts cross-case and cross-national comparative analyses
    This WP conducts cross-case and cross-national comparative analyses that take multiple levels of analysis into consideration and draw from quantitative and qualitative data, results from policy reviews, as well as from expert surveys in order to adequately address the overall research questions. Additionally, we will prepare key messages for the Innovation Forums and coordinate the final reporting geared to the relevant audiences.
  • WP 8 – Framing and Implementing the Transversal Participatory Approach implements transversal participatory strategies and runs Innovation Forums
    This WP implements the transversal participatory approach during the various phases of the project, design participatory tool kits, and gain direct insights and experience-based knowledge from young people by modelling and running Innovation Forums in selected sites with different socio-economic settings.
  • WP 9 – Communication, dissemination and exploitation develops strategy for dissemination for impact, and ethical conduct
    This WP identifies, implements, and monitors the ethical procedures, especially regarding the participants of qualitative studies, expert surveys, and Innovation Forums. It further prepares a communication and dissemination strategy in compliance with Open Science principles, FAIR data and modern transfer concepts.
  • WP 10 – Ethics requirements set out the ‘ethics requirements’ that the project must comply with.


CLEAR Workplan