University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy (Uniurb)

The University of Urbino Carlo Bo is a more than 500 years old academic institution, located in one of the best preserved Italian Renaissance towns. Six Departments offer some 40 degree programmes in a range of disciplinary areas. The university enrols more than 14,000 students and have some 340 tenured and permanent members of the academic staff. The Department of Economics, Society and Politics (DESP) at Uniurb ranked high in recent national academic assessments; DESP provides education and undertakes research in different areas of the social sciences – including a branch of specialists in inequalities, welfare policy, public administration and multilevel governance. Among the research projects recently conducted are the EU-funded projects: PISTE (AMIF 2020, see: on civic and social participation of migrant minorities in small town Europe) and CONTINUGEE (KA2 Erasmus+, see: on eduational inclusion of refugee youth). Uniurb-DESP als partnered GOETE Project (FP 7, 2010-2013, see:, on the governance of educational trajectories in Europe).


Eduardo Barberis

Eduardo Barberis is associate professor of Sociology at the Department of Economics, Society and  Politics, University of Urbino Carlo Bo, where he lectures on Methodology of Social Research, Comparative Welfare Systems and Immigration Policy. His research interests include the spatial dimension of migrants’ incorporation and of social welfare policy. Barberis has collaborated to and coordinated several national and international research projects and published extensively. Website:

Isabella Quadrelli

Isabella Quadrelli is associate professor of Sociology of Law at the Department of Economics, Society and  Politics, University of Urbino Carlo Bo, where she lectures on Methodology of Social Research, Sociology of Law and Sociology of Social Change. Her research interests include the sociology of family and family policies, and the evaluation of education systems. Besides a score of academic teaching and research, she has a long experience of collaboration with INVALSI, the Italian institute for the evaluation of the school system. Website:

Contribution to the Project

The staff at DESP-Uniurb will lead the WP6 (expert survey on policy coordination) and will also contribute significantly to WP4 (Institutional analysis, Policy review). The DESP-Uniurb team brings together its expertise in comparative research, multilevel governance and public administrations (in particular welfare and educational institutions), developed in a score of national and international projects – with a special attention on mixed- and multi-method research.