UAB Team in Project CLEAR

UAB has gained a strong reputation since its foundation in 1968. In 2020-21, 107 bachelor’s degrees, 141 master’s degrees and 67 PhD programmes constituted the core of its teaching activity. UAB researchers were also carrying out 68 international and 206 national projects.

Three members of the Globalisation, Education and Social Policies (GEPS) will participate in CLEAR. GEPS carries out critical research on educational policies and practices, particularly on their impact on educational inequalities and systems from a social justice perspective. Recently, these three researchers have been involved in the following projects that can contribute to the thematic scope of CLEAR: YOUNG_ADULLLT (, edu Post 16 (, BLEARN_AUTONOMY ( and Employability in Programme Development (


Xavier Rambla

Xavier Rambla is Associate Professor of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). In the last decade, he has participated in research on higher education policies, lifelong learning policies in the European Union, the Civil Society Education Fund, and Education for All in Latin America.

Aina Tarabini

Aina Tarabini is Associate Professor of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Her research is concerned with the (re)production of social inequalities in the daily life of education systems, schools and students. Tarabini is particularly interested in the analysis of the processes of teaching and learning, the modes of pedagogic and curricular provision and the students’ identities, experiences and trajectories through the system.


Rosario Scandurra

Rosario Scandurra is Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Fellow and a member of the Globalisation, Education and Social Policies (GEPS) research centre at the Faculty of Sociology, Autonomous University of Barcelona. His research has examined educational- and skills inequalities and how these inequalities are accumulated during the life course. Multiple questions emerged from this work concerning the complementary sequences of effects embedded in individual contexts of skills formation. Dr. Scandurra has examined extensively the school-to-work transition of young people in European territories, with a particular concern for educational opportunities and school segregation at the local level.